Previous Productions

Rapunzel (January 30 - February 2 2019)

Perth Drama presented this years family panto "Rapunzel," written by Jack Northcott and directed by our very own George Hutchison.

Poster for Perth Drama Club's production of Alexi Kaye Campbell's "Apologia"
Apologia (September 19-22 2018)

Perth Drama presented this years summer production "Apologia," written by Alexi Kaye Campbell and directed by our very own Andrew Illsley.

Mother Hubbard (January 31 - February 3 2018)

Perth Drama presented this years annual family Pantomime "Mother Hubbard," written and directed by our very own George Hutchison.

The Screwtape Letters (October 4-7 2017)

Perth Drama Club brought CS Lewis to Perth's St Matthew's Church with their production of "The Screwtape Letters." The story was told over three nights in a venue new to Perth Drama Club.

The Devil's Disciple (May 11-13 2017)

Perth Drama Club brought Bernard Shaw to Perth's North Church with their production of "The Devil's Disciple", a piece set in civil war-era America. There were heros, anti-heros, a family at war...and a minister. The story was told over three nights in a venue new to Perth Drama Club.

Calamity John (January 12-15 2017)

Perth Drama Club brought the Wild West to Perth for their performance of Calamity John, a family pantomime with everything from from Injuns to Cowboys, Barkeeps to Dancin' Girls...and of course the Good Guys and the Bad Guys. The story was told over three nights and one matinee, with the Hero and his Injun Gal now riding off into the sunset.

Cat and Mouse (October 19-22 2016)

We had the great priviledge and pleasure to present the World Premiere of Ajay Close's "Cat and Mouse," a play about the Suffragette movement in Perth and their treatment in Perth Prision. Over four nights the actors presented a piece that was difficult to watch at times but was ultimately an enthralling piece. We also had the honour of Ajay Close herself attending each night and giving a short presentaton after one of the performances.

Trouble in Pantoland (January 20-22 2016)


Our first venture into Panto for many years, Sharon Hulm's 'Trouble In Pantoland' was a massive success! This was the first time we had used the Functions Suite of the Salutation Hotel. The staff were very accommodating and we are looking forward to working there again soon. The usual Panto capers were ably presented by our large cast, including stars from most traditional tales, all struggling to thwart the evil efforts of the Wizard, 'He Whose Name No-one Can Remember'! Of course, good triumphs in the end, although often the kids in the audience seemed to have the upper hand, and even our set at times conspired against us!

Oh What a Lovely War (9-12 October 2014)


We presented Charles Chilton's 'Oh What a Lovely War!' as our way to mark the centenary of the start of WW1. (Coincidentally, it was also our 75 anniversary...) Over three nights, we filled the performance space kindly provided by the Black Watch Museum. This piece is difficult to stage and, sometimes, difficult to watch, but our audiences' response was hugely positive!

Last Tango in Little Dunkeld (February & May 2014)


Perth Drama Club first performed "Last Tango in Little Dunkeld" at the Scottish Community Drama Association One Act Ply Festival at the Birnam Institute in February 2014. We then took the play to the Killin Komedy Festival in May 2014.

Bouncers / Shakers (October / November 2013)


The Club performed Bouncers and Shakers over two weekends, at the end of October / beginning of November 2013. Shakers was performed one weekend and Bouncers the next. The performances took place at the Ad-Lib Theatre Arts rooms on Princes Street, Perth.