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Mother Hubbard (George Hutchison)

It's that time of year again...Oh no it isn't...Oh yes it is. Perth Drama is proud to present this years annual family Pantomime "Mother Hubbard," written and directed by our very own George Hutchison. We have Bo Peep, Frankie, Mother Hubbard (she lives in a shoe y'know) and the Fair Maid of Perth aswell as the baddies. But we'll keep them as a surprise.

This cultural highlight of 2018 for Perth starts on 31st January and runs until 3rd February, with the First Act starting at 7.30pm. There'll be a matinee at 2.30pm on 3rd February. Tickets will be available from Concorde Music, Scott Street; Giraffe Cafe, South Street; and online from TicketSource.

Director: George Hutchison

Producer: Eileen Munro

Mother Hubbard: Susan Corbett

Frankie, her son: Niall M Robertson

Bo Peep, her daughter: Melanie Figures

Her other children:

Mary-Mary: Cathy Monteith

Lucy Locket: Rachel Garcia

Mollie Muffet: Fiona Burns

Georgie-Porgie: Alan Willis
Jack Horner: Baz Tweed

& The Kids from Kinnoull

Donald Crump, Tycoon: Martin Nickolls

His son, Boron: Liam Gall

His Daughter, Evilika: Nick Wilson

Syco Phant, Evilka's PA: Rachel Garcia

Pie & Chips, Crump's Henchmen: Steve Ashton & Mark Gordon

The Fair Midden of Perth: Helen Mitchell

Balloon Seller: Alan Willis

Evictees: Pat Lee & John Johnson

Lesley Hardgusset, HMI: Heti G Cougherson

Stage Manager: Kenny Drennan

Stage Crew: Steve Ashton / Jess Watt / Mark Gordon / Danielle Clapham

Make-up & Costumes: Elizabeth Cameron / Linda Coupar / Pat Lee

Sound & Lighting Director: Ronnie Mitchell

Lighting Assistant: Cameron Murray

Design: Catriona Prodger / Niall M. Robertson

Musical Directors: Christine M Aston / Lorna Johnson

Front of House: Valerie Henderson

Thanks go to the following organisations for their help with this production:

Poster for "Mother Hubbard"