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New Videos - 03/08/2020

As with the rest of the UK, participation in Perth Perth Club on-site events stopped when lockdown was announced on 23rd march 2020. We spent some time wracking our brains in trying to work out how to best channel our thespian leanings.

Lots of musically-inclined groups were recording and editing together songs and tunes. So we wondered about doing something similar but using acting instead, dahling. But what to record? Finally we decided on doing a selfie-panto. But what panto to put on? Why, Cinderella of course.

We've post it and it has been viewed.However for copyright reasons it's been blocked so we've removed the link to it.

As well as doing the selfie panto we've been doing frequent group quizzes, winning points for correct answers. Although your author is not sure if points mean prizes. They're not even sure of the running total. But digression is ensuing so let's get on track.

The next project after the selfie-panto is a series of monologues recorded by various members of Perth Drama Club.

Now we move onto Backtracks, music that evokes a memory