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  World Premiere - Cat and Mouse (Ajay Close)  

Tickets are now on sale for the world premiere of "Cat and Mouse" by Ajay Close. October 19-22 @ 7.30pm at Goodlyburn Theatre, Perth.

It is the Summer of 1914 and four women are jailed in Perth Prison for political violence. They hunger strike. The government orders force feeding.

Arabella Scott tried to burn down Kelso Racecourse and she is now under the ‘care' of Dr Hugh Ferguson Watson. Morning and evening, he arrives to put her through the brutal procedure of forcible feeding. Between times he returns, dismissing the prison warders, so that he and Arabella can talk. He sees them as doctor and patient, she as torturer and victim. As the isolation takes hold they become confidantes in an uneasy and intriguing relationship.

In this World Premiere of "Cat and Mouse” by Ajay Close, the brutality and incompetence of the establishment are exposed, alongside the unflinching bravery of the suffragettes who defied the authorities to win the right to vote.

Tickets are available from Concorde Music, Scott Street, Perth; Giraffe, South Street, Perth; and TicketSource.


After Thursday's performance (20/10/2016), play author Ajay Close will be giving a talk on Cat and Mouse - the inspiration, local history, characters and locations.

Perth Drama Club acknowledges the help of The Thomson Charitable Trust (SCO10317) in putting on this show.

Poster for "Cat and Mouse"