Privacy Policy


The General Data Protection Regulation 2018 comes into force on 25 May 2018. This notice outlines the way in which the Club will use personal information provided by Members and how we disclose and protect the information.

Members’ personal data

On joining the Club or on renewing your membership and during your continuing membership we collect the following personal information:


  1. Contact details: address, email and phone numbers

  2. Date of birth

  3. A record of all correspondence with Members

  4. Members’ photographs

How we use this information

We need to collect Members’ personal information so that we can manage your membership. We will use this information to:


  1. Provide you with information on the running of the Club and voting meetings such as the AGM

  2. Provide you with information on the activities of the Club, including productions,fundraising events and social activities

  3. Administer your membership of the Club, including the collection of the annual subscription

  4. Facilitate communication between Members of the Club.


We will not share this information with third parties unless required to do so by law.

We shall ensure that your personal information is accurate (provided always that you advise us of any changes) and is held in a secure and confidential environment.

Retention of your personal data

We shall keep your personal information for as long as you are a Member or have regular contact with us or for as long as we are obliged to keep it by law. We may also keep it for statistical or historical purposes in the archives of the Club.

Your rights

You can exercise any of the following rights by writing to the Secretary of the Club:

  1. You have the right to request access to the personal information that we hold about you by making a ‘subject access request’.

  2. If you believe that any of your personal information is inaccurate or incomplete, you have the right to request that we correct or complete your personal information

  3. If you wish us to delete your personal information, you may request that we do so.


If you wish to complain about anything relating to the processing of your personal information by the Club this should be addressed, in the first instance, to the Secretary of the Club. If you remain dissatisfied you have the right to raise a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office via its website or in writing to


Wycliffe House

Water Lane

Cheshire SK9 5AF.


Perth : May 2018

You can find a printable version of this Privacy Policy here.