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The Light at the End of the Tunnel

This is it - our final show of this tour kicks off in just over 5 hours. Tonight we're at Aytoun Hall in Auchterarder - just off the A9 between Stirling and Perth if you're not sure. We'll be performing our two comedy plays for the final time.

There's online shenanigans, a Yorkshire lassy (accent passes muster)...and a leprechaun! It has to be said that the leprechaun had them rolling in the aisles last night so you really don't want to miss his last outing.

The fun starts at 7pm and it'll only set you back £5 if you want to see the leprechaun talking about his rainbow.

See you there.

An image of Aytoun Hall in Auchterarder, the venue for tonight's visit by Perth Drama Club.
Aytoun Hall, Auchterarder

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