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Yeehaw - it's Pantomime time

Get ready to be rounded up for the rootenest, tootenest show this here side of the Atlantic. That's right - Buffalo Bill himself done gone and said that there's gonna be a Wild West show 'bout Cowboys and Injuns to entertain the mighty fine folks in the fine City of Perth. It's gonna tell a tale of how Injuns lost their land and then got it back again...oh yes it is.

There gonna be Cowboys & Injuns (did ah mention that?), sheriffs, dancing gals, horses, Prairie Flower the steer...and coconuts.

The round-up begins at 7:30pm on Thursday 12th January 2017 and it don't end until 2.30pm on Sunday 15th January 2017. Get yourself along to the Salutation Hotel folks - there may be gold...for sure there be comedy gold.

We gonna tell y'all about the tickets right now. Them smoke signals from yonder sez that you get 'em at these places: the fine purveyors of music in Perth know as Concorde Music (selling their wares in Scott Street in Perth) and the food-n-tea-n-coffee people of South Street's Giraffe. Or if you and your posse are users of new-fangled technology then head on over to TicketSource, or choose your tickets below. It don't matter how you get them tickets - they cost the same everywhere: £10 for adults and £8 concessions. One-Eyed Jake don't mind how you get tickets just as long as you buy 'em - he just likes the sound 'o the money rollin' in. Ka-ching. Ka-ching.

(Posted 27/11/2016)

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