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Ticket Release - "The Devil's Disciple"

Perth Drama Club is pleased to announce that our next production will be Bernard Shaw's "The Devils Disciple." Set in 1777 towards the end of the American War of Independence this piece centres round the character of Richard Dudgeon, who has been disowned by his family and is set to receive an inheritance from his father. He is also one of the rebels. Richard goes by the nickname "The Devil’s Disciple", which he is happy to use to annoy his family. However, as is the case with wars and crisis Richard finds he can make a selfless act rather than a selfish one as an actual disciple of the Devil would. The minister, Pastor Anderson, for whom Richard is making a sacrifice, finds that he is more a man of action than a minister.

Performances will take place in the North Church, Mill Street Perth from 11-13th May. All performances will start at 7.30pm. Tickets can be obtained from Concorde Music, Scott Street, Perth; Giraffe Cafe, South Street, Perth; and on-line at TicketSource.

(Posted 16/04/2017)

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